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Account Maintenance

The Green Bay Area Public Schools Food Service Department has created school lunch procedures to remind you and your children of our payment and lunch card procedures. These procedures were designed with students in mind to ensure an orderly lunch period. We hope your child enjoys the healthy and nutritious meal choices served every day. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these procedures, or questions regarding any other food service issue, please feel free to contact the Food Service main office at 920-391-2565 or your school cafeteria.

School Lunch Procedures

MEAL PRICES Information regarding meal prices can be found on our Menu page.

FREE AND REDUCED APPLICATIONS are mailed to the homes of every registered, non-directly certified student. Applications are available in every school office or cafeteria. Completed applications can be returned to any Green Bay school OR mailed to 1210 Guns Road, Green Bay, WI, 54311. Only one application per household is required. Applications are accepted July 1st to June 30th and cannot be pre-processed for a future school year. The Department follows all U.S.D.A. regulations regarding the free or reduced-price meal benefits

School Meal Account Charges & Collections

The USDA administers the National School Lunch Program and requires all school food authorities to have a procedure for negative school meal accounts. Please read the following Board of Education Policy and Rule for details:

763 Policy - School Meal Account Charges and Collections
763 Rule - Procedures for School Meal Account Charges and Collections

Payment Options

Online payments can be submitted 24/7 through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. A $15 minimum spend is required for each transaction and there is no convenience fee. Make school breakfast and lunch easy for your student by adding money to their account online!

Cash is accepted in secondary school cafeterias in the lunch line. Cash and checks in prepayment envelopes are preferred and can be made payable to: Green Bay Public Schools-Food Service Department. Any amount of money can be deposited in the student's account at any time using a prepayment envelope. Prepayment envelopes are sent home frequently in the elementary schools and are available at any time from the school cafeteria or Food Service main office. Prepayments are school-specific; please send money to each school your children attend for prompt deposits. The District utilizes school-specific banking and appreciates your attention to separate payments at each school.

Green Bay Public Schools Food Service utilizes a computer based accounting system. This user-friendly system functions very similar to a debit card. With this system, each child is given a confidential food service account to be used for purchases using their ID card or special school meal card. This system maintains the daily account balance including free, reduced, or full pay meals. Accounts are individualized for each student. Because this system acts like a debit card, prepayments must be made before a meal is served to the student. All prepayments, cash and check, must be made and returned to school in a prepayment envelope. Prepayment envelopes are available at any food service cafeteria. The money deposited will remain in the account until the student purchases any food item. 

Returned Checks through CHECKredi

If a check is returned, it will be processed through check recovery service CHECKredi. There is a fee to the check writer.

Online Payments

Green Bay Area Public School Food Service Department now accepts online credit and debit card payments. Payments are required to be at least $15 for each transaction. There is no convenience fee for the transaction.

To register and make a payment to your student's food service account, use the Infinite Campus Portal. Money paid online will be posted to your students account in real-time.  Please call your school office for assistance in the Parent Portal. More information here

Account Transfers

Both positive and negative student account balances remaining at the end of the school year will transfer/follow with the student to their next grade within the GBAPS District. For students graduating or exiting the school district, please call the school kitchen to initiate a transfer of funds to remaining students or request a refund if any funds remain.


Request for refund of money in a student account is always accepted. Complete this Refund Request Form and submit to [email protected], drop it off at your child's school, or send it to our Food Service Office, 1210 Guns Road, Green Bay, WI 54311. Additionally, phone requests are allowed, please call 920-391-2565 and leave a message. Please allow up to three weeks for a refund to process. 

School Messenger

Families of students with balances of less than $7.00 will receive a regular email reporting the account balance for each student. Families of students with negative balances (below $0) will receive a regular email reporting the account balance. Deposit money into your student's account in a timely manner. Payment envelopes are available in school offices and school kitchens at your convenience. 

Student Meal Cards

Elementary: Elementary student have a special meal card that will be used only in the cafeterias for point of sale at breakfast and lunch. The use of these cards will increase the efficiency of the lunch lines so that your child may have more time to enjoy their meals. The student meal card is provided by the Food Service Department to accurately sell and record meals to each student in our Point of Sale system. Please note: Teachers take a daily school lunch count along with the attendance count every morning.  If the student is taking school lunch, he/she must raise their hand to be counted.  If a student arrives late for school, he/she must tell the school secretary if they are eating school lunch. This ensures there is a proper amount of food prepared and avoids unnecessary food waste or waiting for a meal to be prepared.

Middle and High School:
Student picture I.D. cards are used as meal cards and for many other school activities.  Contact the school office for details on replacing a card. TEMPORARY I.D. cards must be obtained from the school office before the student can receive a school meal using his/her account. I.D. cards are required for a la carte and meal purchases in the cafeteria.

If you have any questions, please call the school cafeteria or the Food Service office at 391-2565.

Procedures are subject to change slightly to meet the needs of each individual school.

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