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Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
In July 2023, the Green Bay Area Public School District was approved for programming that provides breakfast and lunch at no cost to all students attending the following schools: Baird, Beaumont, Chappell, Danz, Doty, Eisenhower, Elmore, Fort Howard, Head Start Learning Center (Bellevue and Jefferson sites), Howe, Jackson, John Dewey Academy of Learning, Keller, Kennedy, King, Lincoln, MacArthur, Minoka-Hill, NEW School of Innovation, Nicolet, Sullivan, Tank, Franklin, Washington, and West High. This program is called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).
Households should complete a Free & Reduced-Price Meal Benefits application to waive school fees and support educational funding for the classroom and school. The status of a CEP school is not the same as each student's individual free or reduced-price eligibility status.
Students must choose a complete breakfast and lunch to receive meals at no cost. Those who choose a milk-only or any a la carte items will be charged. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture federal guidelines, a complete breakfast and lunch consists of choosing at least ½ cup of fruits or vegetables with the meal. Meals without fruits or vegetables will be charged at a la carte prices.
Please note that any balances (positive or negative) on a child’s Food Service account remain. Contact the Food Service Department at your school or the main department line at 920-391-2565 or email [email protected] with questions. 

Letter to Households

Frequently Asked Questions

How did my school become enrolled in CEP?

Schools were identified based on the number of students enrolled in a State benefit program in spring 2023.

I have children at CEP schools and non-CEP schools. Are they all eligible to receive meals at no cost since they are from the same household? 

Meals are available at no cost to students ONLY at CEP schools. Children from the same household but at different schools, including non-CEP schools, do not receive the same benefit. Just like some schools have specialty education programs, the cafeteria at each school is unique.

Do I need to complete a Free & Reduced-Price Meals Benefit application?

Yes! Families should complete the application for educational benefits like waiving school fees and ensuring full funding of classroom activities. Completing the Free & Reduced-Price Meal Benefits Application is voluntary, however, it is extremely important for families to continue using for full access to public school education funding streams. Each child maintains their own "eligibility" status as a CEP school is not an eligibility status.

Where can I get a Free & Reduced Meals Benefit application?

Applications are available at every school building in the kitchen or main office, from the Food Service Department, online, or through the Campus Portal. 

Where do I send my application?

Please send your application to the Food Service Department:
Food Service Department
1210 Guns Road
Green Bay, WI 54311.
Do not send your application to the State or USDA.

What do students at CEP schools receive for their meals?

CEP schools have the same food variety as other schools. Students are able to take one complete breakfast and one complete lunch, per day, at no cost. The menu can be reviewed on the NutriSlice website or app.

Can my child take a la carte items for no cost?

A la carte is considered 'bonus' and is NOT part of a reimbursable meal, therefore it is not part of the CEP meal. A la carte is still available at schools and students should have money in their account or cash in-hand to purchase. A la carte purchases cannot create a negative balance on any account.

Reminder: Meal benefits apply only to the reimbursable meal. The reimbursable meal includes milk as one of the offered components. If the student decides to take only milk, this is not a reimbursable meal and the account will be charged for the milk as an a la carte item. Milk will be refused if there are no funds on the account and the student does not have money to pay for the milk carton.

What happened to the money I put into my child's account?

Every child's Food Service account balance remains since a la carte is still available. Refund Forms are available at each school kitchen if you would like a refund of your money. Messaging will continue for balances below $7 and accounts with negative balances.

Do CEP school students automatically have school fees waived?

No. CEP and Free/Reduced eligibility are not the same. Families should complete the Free & Reduced-Price Meals Benefit application to determine if they're eligible to receive fees waivers.

If my child transfers to a non-CEP school, are they still eligible for meals at no cost?

No. CEP is school specific. Children at CEP schools that transfer to a non-CEP no longer qualify as a CEP student. It is important to complete and submit the Free & Reduced-Price Meals Benefit application if you know your child is transferring to a non-CEP school.

Why isn't my school listed?

Any schools omitted from the list on this page are not participating in CEP. Only schools participating in the CEP will be listed at the top of this page. The Department and District evaluates data annually to enroll schools into CEP.

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